About Us

Our Plan

We are striving to bring something different to Birmingham, to bring our talents and ideas to further what is an incredibly exciting food scene in the city. We want to offer beautiful, artisan and creative bakes finished to a high standard that are not just unique but also delicious.

Part of our philosophy is to bake and serve everything on the same day using only the finest and wherever possible locally sourced ingredients. Our attention to detail will extend to all our offerings with our coffee roasted locally by aficionados Hundred House Coffee.

Our long-term goal is to be a business with a social conscious; providing real opportunities for people to work, learn and develop within the hospitality sector. We have a strong passion for developing new talent and providing a platform for new food ideas and enterprises. We want to create a different work environment to enable people to gain the skills and confidence to facilitate these hopes and visions, to build a rewarding career in catering.

We also recognise there is a demand for ethically fair-traded ingredients and vegetarian/vegan alternatives. We will be making this an integral part of our business vision, to reduce waste, work with local providers and provide delicious alternatives to the tasty cakes we all know and love.

Our Story

Tim C, our pastry chef, has worked in the industry for the last ten years. His career began in Birmingham and from here he has travelled the world working out in Australia and Malaysia. His background is in 5* hotels and he has run the pastry kitchen at some of the most prestigious hotels in the UK.

Tim C moved back to Birmingham in January 2017 and ran stalls selling his cakes and pastries at some of the local food festivals over the summer, including the Kings Heath street festival and Digbeth Dining Club. It was while he was running a stall at the Birmingham Coffee Festival in 2017 that he met Tim G.

Tim G has always had a passion for food and hospitality, and along with his desite to support new businesses, they decided to join forces. Tim’s brother, Joe, completes the founding Early Bird team. Joe has a background in business management and, like his brother, has a strong passion for food, coffee and people – key values of The Early Bird Bakery.

Now that the perfect venue on Kings Heath High Street has been found, the team are excited to open and share their talents and love for food with Birmingham.

The Early Bird Bakery team
The Early Bird Bakery team